At FreelanceBirdie, we strive to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction when utilizing our
platform. Our Refund Policy is designed to provide clear guidelines and processes for requesting
refunds at different stages of a task. Please familiarize yourself with our policy to understand
your rights and responsibilities.
How Can I Cancel My Project?
If you decide to cancel a task before a freelancer is assigned to it, you are eligible for a 100%
refund. However, if a freelancer has already been assigned to the task, the refund amount
depends on the task’s deadline. If less than half of the deadline has passed, you can claim a
refund ranging from 70% to 50% since the freelancer will be compensated for the work done. To
cancel a task, contact our support teams through live chat or WhatsApp and confirm the
cancellation by sending a message on the corresponding task page. Please note that we cannot
provide a refund for a task that is canceled after completion and delivery.
I Paid for One Project Twice
In the event that you accidentally make duplicate payments for a project, please contact us
immediately and forward both receipts to our company’s email. We will promptly refund the
additional payment to you.

I Accidentally Placed Two Identical Projects
If you mistakenly place and pay for two identical tasks, please contact us immediately for
clarification before we assign freelancers to work on both tasks. It is your responsibility to cancel
any tasks you do not need before we assign a freelancer. Failure to do so will result in treating
both tasks as regular, and standard refund procedures will apply.
No Freelancer Was Found to Work on My Project
While we make every effort to promptly assign freelancers to projects, there may be rare
instances where delays occur, such as when all freelancers have ongoing tasks with impending
deadlines. In such cases, we will issue a full refund. If you request a different freelancer to revise
a completed task, our Dispute Resolution specialist will review your request, and the appropriate
refund will be processed.
My Project Was Late
If a task is delayed due to your late submission of additional resource materials, you are not
eligible for a refund due to lateness. To avoid delays, ensure that all task instructions and
resource materials are provided on time. Refund requests for lateness must be submitted within
14 working days from the time the task was delivered. However, if the initial version of the task
is late and has not been approved by you, you are eligible for a full refund.
The Revision of My Project Was Late
We do not provide refunds or recalculate prices for delays in revisions. It is essential to allocate
sufficient time for revisions when setting deadlines for your tasks.
In cases not explicitly addressed in our refund policy, our Dispute Resolution specialist will
carefully review the circumstances and make a fair determination.