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Think ahead to the pediatric patients and families you may meet in this i-Human Case Study Assignment and, based on the Learning Resources, the types of gastrointestinal conditions that may be waiting for you in your virtual office on the i-Human platform. Have in mind GI conditions that you would particularly like to address in the avatar setting. Also reflect on your previous i-Human case studies and consider a child of an age, race, or ethnicity that you have not yet examined and would expand your experience to do so this week.

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources. Consider how to apply knowledge of gastrointestinal conditions and understanding of socio-cultural family needs to assessing, diagnosing, and treating pediatric patients.
  • Access i-Human Patients from this week’s Learning Resources and review the i-Human Case Study. Based on the provided patient information, think about the health history you would need to collect from the patient.
  • Consider what physical exams and diagnostic tests would be appropriate to gather more information about the patient’s condition. Reflect on how the results would be used to make a diagnosis.
  • Identify 3–5 possible conditions that may be considered in a differential diagnosis for the patient.
  • Consider the patient’s diagnosis. Think about clinical guidelines that might support this diagnosis.
  • Develop a treatment plan for the patient that includes health promotion and patient education strategies for pediatric patients with gastrointestinal conditions and their families.

The Assignment:

As you interact with the i-Human patient, complete the assigned case study. For guidance on using i-Human, refer to the i-Human Graduate Programs Help link within the i-Human platform.

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  • Project type:Fixed
  • Project Duration:1-5 Days
  • Project Level:Moderate Level
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